It’s been a while.

I know this has blog has slipped my mind for months and months and I just wanted to let you know the Houdini is not dead, he’s well, we’re all well, and of course Ruby Boxer dog is great too.

Oscar is now 5 years old and has started to mellow sightly , don’t get me wrong, he’s still super alert and full of hunting beans, but he seems to be able to turn the other cheek a lot more and maybe we have Ruby to thank for this. Living with a female dog who bosses him around at home, has made him realise that life isn’t so SERIOUS and when other dogs let off steam or get rowdy in the park or on the beach, he doesn’t have to respond. It’s ok to back down and walk away. No pride damaged, and everyone’s happy.




About thehairyhoudini

I love books and feel stabs of envy when writers and journalists display their work in print.I want to stop writing in private, and start gaining the confidence to write better, more often and for an audience.Having always kept diaries as a child, and written countless whimsical short stories in a myriad of gaudy hello kitty journals,I thought I would be a writer some day, when I stopped being a fireman (frightened of fire), secretary (does temping count?), shopkeeper (I'd still like to be) and accessory designer (which I am). I then turned 13,and that's when, with the onset of acne and a mono brow, I then discovered FASHION! Clothes, magazines and ANYTHING to do with their mythical creators. I have often daydreamed about writing for a living...witty little columns for Sunday papers, pooling ideas and knitting fragments with my pen until I can form a book.I hope this blog will give me the discipline of doing REGULAR writing, and nudge me closer to this dream. Catch the updates by signing up to the email alerts!

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