About The Hairy Houdini Dog Blog

About the blog:

Not a type of sexual game, as I have subsequently found out, but a loving, weekly blog nonetheless!

A rough-haired Slovakian has me in his grasp.I am constantly sliding helplessly between fierce love and total frustration when I’m with him. I try to keep a grip; to admit to myself that this relationship probably won’t last  more than 12 more years, but then, how many do these days? I know he’s a unusual breed with a highly temperamental, and boyish character, but that’s partly why he’s so much FUN. Here’s where I get to share my experiences.

About myself:

A creative, emotional soul who also owns, designs and develops a leather bags business.At present, I’m creating new styles using an English workshop.My design ethos is that the products have to be: understated, stylish and practical.Everything fit-for-purpose, and in its’ rightful place.I have started to gather a loyal following and hope to entice more at the launch of my first fair in November.I have been married since 2008 and chaperone the Hairy Houdini. Getting married to the right man is one of the best things I have EVER done,along with learning to drive at 17,  going to Art School, and getting my sponge cakes to rise.

To see more about my bags go to St Leonards Accessories – the website is  stleonardsonline.com which sells understated  British leather bags for stylish men & women.

To supplement our income we also have one room that we rent out as a guest room. For those of you looking for a well-priced quirky place to stay on the South Coast of England, then please go to The Artist’s Lookout Guest Room using this weblink: http://artistsbedandbreakfast.blogspot.co.uk/



  1. Wendy Laigne-Stuart

    I stumbled across this blog via facebook, totally by accident. I find it well written and amusing, and as the owner of nine Weimaraners, a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier and a Miniature Pinscher, it is nice to know that I am not the only person dealing with such ‘character’! I look forward to The Hairy Houdini’s future exploits. Lovely bags, too!

    • Thanks SO much for commenting – it’s great to get feedback – it can feel “lonely” typing when you don’t know if anyone is listening! (smiles)
      Sounds like you have quite a gang living with you and it must be fun – keep reading and I hope you’ll spread the word if you like it – I also run a Facebook page called
      “we love slovakian rough haired pointers” so you can lots of the breed’s variants in glorious colour from all over the Uk and Slovakia (of course) as well as Sweden and France too.

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